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Meet the world's simplest email reminder and personal followup assistant.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands for over 10 years.

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Think of a date. Put it before the @ sign. We'll follow up...then.
Thousands of dates supported. Just type what you're thinking.
Nothing to install. Works on every device. It's "just" an email address.
Autocomplete makes it magical.

Private. Secure.

No inbox connection required. Encrypted, secure. Your data is used only for productivity. More

Private or group reminders. Use the to, cc and bcc fields to control who sees the reminder.
How To Use Guide.
Easy to learn, powerful when mastered. Explore
Skill Add-Ons transform your simple reminder into a personal assistant.


Spaced repetition


Cancel followups on same thread

Response Detection

Cancel if you get a reply


Connect 4000+ other apps

Google Calendar

Manage followups on your calendar


Recurring followups

Persistent Task

Follow up until it's done


SMS notifications


Lists upcoming followups


Set up autocomplete

Productive Moments

A “productive moment” is when you have everything you need at exactly the right time to get something done.

We created FollowUpThen to create these moments, to optimize your life, and to create a sense of clarity and freedom for the moments in between.

Simple Pricing.
Start free, unlock core features for one low price, invest in Skills unique to your workflow.


$0/ month

Free forever.

  • 50 active reminders/mo


$4/ month

Unlimited + Skills

  • Unlimited followups
  • Purchase premium Skills
  • Recurring followups
  • Attachments
  • Calendar feed
  • Email-Based Actions


$4/user/ month

Team productivity

  • Everything from Base Plan
  • Unique skill budgets per member
  • Centralized billing
  • Team data ownership

12 Years. 30 Million Followups. Hundreds of Thousands of Productive Users.

(We were sending email reminders before it was cool.)

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FollowUpThen lets you control your future inbox. It works on every platform, it's intuitive, and once you start using it the tool becomes second nature.

Ari Meisel
Founder – Less Doing

Once again, @followupthen saves my professional life . You NEED to be using this INSANELY helpful tool. Seriously.

Peter Shankman
Author / Investor / Advisor

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE your service and don't know how the hell everyone in the world functions without it.

Assaf Gal
Owner - AD Fitness

I just want to say how awesome Followupthen is. I've been using it for a really long time and it's helped me out a lot. It's so freaking easy just shooting off an email so you don't have to worry about something. Keep up the good work!!!

Jason McClintock

I would be LOST in this digital world without FollowUpThen and Evernote.

Jason Jones
Managing Principal - Cresa Global

Your software is stable, helpful, and just "always works" and I thank you for providing it. I can't tell you how many co-workers and friends I have pitched on using FUT and showed them how easy it is to use and how nice it is to see the reminder in your inbox.

Tim Hartley
IT Professional

Greetings good people at FollowUpThen,
Just wanted to let you know that your fine service is taught about in our watchmaking school at Paris Junior College in Paris Texas. [...] They learn that the number 1 must have tool for self-management and workflow management is FollowUpThen!! Then I teach them how I use it to ensure I keep my commitments to my clients and my employer and, even my wife! Thank you for the excellent product you produce and the countless hours I know you spend creating and maintaining it.

Stan Stanley
Professor Horology
Paris Junior College, Paris, TX


Amanda Gore
Keynote Motivational Speaker

FollowUpThen has simplified my daily workflow and reduced my mental overhead.

Celeste Bancos
Integration Database Manager

One of the simplest, most important tools in my toolkit: FollowUpThen. Timely reminders, easier to follow up on emails. Get stuff out of your head!

J. B. Rainsberger
Author. Software Mentor.

I use FollowUpThen as my primary work organization tool. Every email that comes into my mailbox is either dealt with immediately, or sent to some future point when I know that I will have all of the resources (both time and information) to act on it. This ensures that everything in my inbox is a true priority and not just a distraction. It is also a great reminder tool for general items that may not fit perfectly on my calendar.

Jesse Lock

It's so rare to find something so elegant, easy, and useful.

John Gay
Financial Planner, Frisco, Texas

When I got married in 2011, I wrote my vows and took a picture of them in our suite. In 2012, just before my first anniversary, I created a reminder that would be sent every year, reminding me to send that photo to my wife. For ten years you've helped ensure that there hasn't been a single year of our marriage that my wife hasn't seen those vows and is reminded that they mean as much to me now as they did then. So, I just wanted to say: Thank you.


Thanks for creating a software that is very practical and user-friendly!

John B Samuel
Talent Research Foundation

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